Why should we write in english?

  • Arnulfo Rodríguez Facultad De Medicina



The Board of Directors of the MedUNAB Journal of Medicine has come, unanimously, to the conclusion that publishing articles, in this Magazine, written in a dfeerent language, other than the traditional Spanish specifically in English is an excellent and proper idea, taking in cosideration that this language has become, since a long time ago, a universal tongue and presently, science is spoken and written in English.

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Arnulfo Rodríguez, Facultad De Medicina
Facultad De Medicina UNAB
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Rodríguez, A. (1). Why should we write in english?. MedUNAB, 6(18), 127-129. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unab.edu.co/index.php/medunab/article/view/242


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